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Fashion in India and Indian Fashion Designers

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Indian Fashion Designers 

Indian fashion designers have gone by leap and bounds in last so many years. Not just ethnic Indian styles – the usual Salwar-kurti, Churidaars, Saris and Lahengas – but they have very openly adopted and drawn inspiration from both Indian and western styles nowadays. Hence, Fashion admirers and followers in India have a wide variety to choose from the best of West and East. This fusion of fashion has led to another line of hybrid fashion statement evolve which can be easily seen on the ramps and the streets. 

Indian fashion designers have been putting new creativity at work day and night to make a place and name for them in international fashion market. Various Indian designers are very well known in international circles and have been successfully displaying their clothes at the International fashion shows. Ritu Beri was India’s first designer to go global with her designs. She showcased her collections in Italy and received an overwhelming response. Her choice of colors, fabrics, cuts and patterns suiting the international taste along with a touch of traditional style, made her designs very famous. 

Other very successful and renowned Indian designers are Satya Paul, Ritu Kumar, Manish Arora, Sabyaschi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Rohit Bal, Hemant Trivedi, Shahab Durazi, J.J Walya, Shantanu & Nikhil and Krishna Mehta to name a few.

Fashion in India 

Fashion in India covers a huge range of clothing designed for special occasions to casuals, trendy and sports wear. Traditional techniques of embroidery such as Fulkari, Chikhan work, Zardosi, Nakka tiki, and traditional weaves have been used by Indian designers to produce Indo-western attires in a fusion of the best of west and east. 

A career in Fashion Design encourages the creative flair of those minds who think to possess a sense of style. The major functional areas in the industry are designing the garment which includes sketching, cutting the cloth, sewing the pieces together and finally merchandising. Popularizing and marketing of the different styles and products is done through fashion shows on ramp and fashion write-ups. 

With the increasing scope of fashion these days, variety of textiles and materials are available in local markets for the fashion designers to explore with. India is now enjoying a benefit of acquiring a prominent place in the global markets with its unique embroidery patterns, beautiful and rich silks, handloomfabrics, rustic textures and dazzling dyes. Indian fashion designers have contributed a lot in creating a world market for Indian garments.

Attributes of a Good Fashion Designer 

A Fashion designer should have the following qualities:

  • Should be very creative and skilled for this art. 
  • Ability to express their mind in designs and follow it up with sketches. 
  • Inherent capable of combining tones, shades and colors. 
  • Need to have a creative mind, good imagination and an ability to think in three-dimension to translate their ideas into fashion. 
  • Has to be fashion savvy along with the knowledge and experience of elementary tailoring skills and techniques and be able to select the best amongst various kinds of fabrics per requirement. 
  • Has to be original, creative, inventive and ready to experiment in designing outfits. 
  • Knows how on the effective use of textiles is an added bonus. 
  • Must be conscious of current need, liking and requirement of people in sync with the market demand parameter. 
  • Must have an understanding of the different customer segments and customer lifestyle, so that design is affordable, suitable and wearable for people they are designed for.

Once you are sure of your creative skills and have decided to get into this glamorous field, you need to find out a good designing school. The road to success starts with hard work, proper training and guidance. Remember, attending a good fashion school is important if you want to make career in this field and be successful. A good fashion design institute will help you canalize your skills, give proper direction to your creative quotient and communication skills so that your imaginations and ideas can be explained to the manufactures which can be finally translated into dresses and fabric and SIIFT Women’s Polytechnic is one of them.


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